Dear fellow realist,

Do you know what readiness coaching can do for you?

More than you think.

It can give you balance and peace of mind knowing you’ve got it covered, for you and your family.

It can increase your emotional intelligence and your ability to handle change so that nothing knocks you down.

There’s a perfect storm brewing in the world and you are one of the few who understand that these challenges are here to help us grow. Many are thrown off balance by rapid change. You don’t want to be one them.

You’ve had enough of the worry and overwhelm.

You need your life to be joyful, passionate AND change-ready.

Like you I can see the crises on the planet escalating. The financial systems, the political systems, the economic systems and the social systems are becoming more and more unstable.

The exponential growth of our population is taking its toll on Mother Earth, depleting her resources and polluting the environment we live in.

But you just can’t seem to stop searching for more information, taking it in, learning more about the shocking situation we’ve created for ourselves.

Carrying this knowledge is a heavy burden.

Once you know, you can’t go back. You can’t not know what you know, you know? It’s overwhelming. You’re stuck; unsure what to do about it all.

I, too, was in this place not so long ago.  I was overwhelmed with the severity of the information I was consuming and the conclusions I was arriving at in my mind.  What does this mean for our future? What about my children? How long do we have?

I found myself in a pit of dark emotions for many months as I processed what I was learning.  I felt so alone.  No one else understood or wanted to hear.  They said I was exaggerating and worrying too much.

But I found my way through, and created peace of mind and purpose, knowing I have a resilient household for my family and I’m building resilience in my community too.

Thriving in uncertainty is the mark of a true leader

At Leadership Unleashed we empower people to embrace change, prepare self-sufficient lifestyles, and thrive during unexpected challenges.  Because the world needs more everyday leaders who live with balance, passion and peace of mind, even when the shit hits the fan.

Are you ready for a life that is unleashed?

If so, check out our private coaching programs.

Be honest with yourself: Are you ready for change?

If you aren’t really ready for change – if you want to stay stuck – this isn’t the place for you.

Because results are guaranteed and we won’t stop until you know your life has changed.

Book a complimentary 20-min Discovery Session to find out how our programs can serve you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Until then, get ready.

Sue Bowe McKee

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