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Dear Brave One

I know you have a lot on the go.

You’re managing work, career, home and kids and juggling all those balls like a pro.

But you’ve lost that spark.

The passion and energy you used to glow with are replaced by tired eyes, a quiet resignation, and perhaps a stoic face that says “I’m doing great!”

Secretly you ask yourself, “Is this all there is?” “Why am I not happy?”

And you realize that it’s time to light that flame of the wildfire within.


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Success Stories

  • Sue’s coaching “has boosted my confidence and provided the tools necessary to become a stronger manager. I’ve been encouraged to set more stretching goals and have developed a clear path to achieve them. The coaching I’ve received has had an enormous impact on my career as a new manager."


Meet Sue

Sue Bowe McKee

Sue Bowe McKee


Sue works with career women (and smart men) who struggle with going for their dreams without burning out, so they can do more of what truly matters, with natural balance, power and grace.

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